Anger Mismanagement is the seventh episode in the Skylanders Academy television series.


Eruptor goes to anger management when his temper puts missions at risk, but he'll need to tap back into his rage to get the Skylanders out of trouble.


S1E7 Thinking Spot Hex Skull
In the Thinking Spot, Hex and Skull are having a therapy session with Hugo, over their disagreements about Skull's disobedience to Hex's summonings. Though Hugo understands the issue and attempts to talk them into being honest about their real problems with working together, a group of sheep gathers near their sofa growling, distracting the Mabu. When Skull tries to talk him back into the subject, however, the sheep pull up a doll of Hugo and start tearing it apart, and unable to bottle up his anxiety any longer, Hugo screams and flees from the island. Though Hex and Skull are confused at his reaction and assume incompetence, the floating skull tells the sorceress that the Mabu is the only one that takes their insurance.

At night, near Uncle Merle's, Team Spyro are gathering under a tree in undercover gear. Jet-Vac attempts to relay the mission information to them through signs, but upon noticing that none of them understand it, he explains aloud that intel discovered that Chef Pepper Jack was working in the restaurant in a deadly chilli recipe, and that they had to strike as soon as possible. However, Eruptor, who was entagled by the ropes in the tree, starts getting increasingly nervous about the missteps, and uses his hands to melt down the rope and fall off. Though the others warn him to not blow their cover, he brushes their concerns off and they all move into the restaurant.

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  • The Gazpacho served at the beginning of the episode was stated by Glumshanks to be emulsified with Unicorn tears.
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