“Bigger things turn slower.”
    —Game description

Arkeyan Shield Juggernauts are Arkeyan enemies that appeared in Skylanders: Giants. They are large, slow, and keep one half of a shield on each arm. The Juggernauts can take a lot of damage before being taken down, and can attack Skylanders close by with its shields. When their target is far away from them, they join the halves of the shield together, and fire a laser beam from the center of it. They can also rotate during this attack very slowly, and are invulnerable from the front during it (similar to an Inhuman Shield).



  • Their laser attack does not damage other enemies.
  • Some Skylanders (like Drobot with his eye lasers) can interrupt the laser attack just before the laser comes out, and other attacks such as Trigger Happy's coin toss at specific distances force him to use the melee move despite the Skylander being out of range.
  • In Skylanders: Battlecast, it appears in the Restless Spirit Undead Spell Card. Despite not being part of the Elite Guard, and thus having no known Undead qualities, an Arkeyan Shield Juggernaut is featured in an Undead Spell Card demonstrating the reviving spell.

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