Assault on Skylander Academy is the twelfth episode in the Skylanders Academy television series.


When Eon falls seriously ill, the Skylanders must race to find a light energy source to heal him. Meanwhile, the Doom Raiders attack the academy.


After his first usage of the Book of Dark Magic, Master Eon studied the dark relic for some time, and his condition grew worse in the process, making him easily tired and falling in and out of consciousness. Though Hugo arrived with food and a smoothie with darkness immunity shots, Eon requested greater help from the Skylanders, before fainting once again.

Featured characters


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  • Kaossandra and Eon seem to have met one another before.
  • As of this episode, Kaos is now a full member of the Doom Raiders but now can no longer return home.

Errors & Mistakes

  • Despite the joke that Team Spyro hadn't seen the elemental teleporters for most of the season in the Library, they were never there before the events of this episode. Three of the pads do not match the carpet that supposedly covered them.
  • When Hex, Roller Brawl and Bad Breath attack Kaos at the main hall's doors, only Skull and Roller Brawl are targeted by his attacks. In their next frame, however, all of them are on the other side of the courtyard, incapacitated.
  • When Team Spyro approaches Eon at the end of the episode to cure him, he is laying face-down, but when the potion's effects end, he is laying face-up.


  • Glumshanks references a number of real-life board games when trying to distract Kaos with a game night:
    • Skyopoly is a reference to Monopoly.
    • Cards Against Troll Dignity is a reference to Cards Against Humanity.
  • When attacking Kaos, Skull exclaims, "What a day! What a lovely day!", a famous quote from the movie Mad Max: Fury Road.
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