Autogyro Adventure is one of the levels in Skylanders: Giants. In the level, you fly through a series of tunnels in an Arkeyan Copter. You can stop at various platforms, some optional, but for some, you have to land because there are doors that require an Arkeyan key to open them.


  • The Skylanders: Giants Official Soundtrack incorrectly lists one of the tracks as Autogyro Adventure, even though it plays music from The Lost City of Arkus.
    • It is possible that since the level takes place near the city of Arkus, that is where the name came from on the soundtrack.
  • In the first stopping platform where you get enemies you must defeat on land, if you defeat all the Arkeyan Duelists in a row, the Blaze Brewer will fall off the edge of the world. Very strangely, if this happens a Blaze Brewer will be guarding the socket on the fourth platform you must stop on.
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