“It's Crunch Time!”
    —Barbella's official catchphrase

Barbella is a crystalline Earth Sensei in Skylanders: Imaginators, who trains Imaginators of the Sentinel Battle Class.

Character Development

During Skylanders: Giants development, character designer I-Wei Huang started with the idea of a strong Water female Giant, but eventually developed the idea of a living statue character for the Earth element, first used to create the Weapon Master. Though the statue design would later be finalized as the Golden Queen, many of its ideas such as the square barbells, large armor and the textured skin would later surface in Imaginators with Barbella. Her pose, skin and barbells went through many attempts and iterations for a look that fit her concept perfectly. [1]

  • Initial concepts from Giants, with qualities that Golden Queen and Barbella would later show.[2]
  • Giants concepts of a Water Giant that would later become Barbella.
  • Initial concepts from Giants
  • Barbella Concepts from Imaginators.
  • Barbella Imaginators concepts before she was given the crystal skin.
  • Finalized design for Barbella Imaginators with studies for the barbell weapon.
  • Barbella pose studies for the final figure. Pictures courtesy of YrocTheEliteSlayer.



Barbella was the best fitness trainer in all of Skylands. Not only did she possess otherworldly strength, she was also a firm believer that a healthy diet and exercise led to true happiness. With such a positive message to spread, Barbella decided to open her own fitness center called “Flex-a-lot”, where she hoped to instill good eating and workout habits with all of her patrons. But one day, the gelatinous villain known as The Gulper destroyed her gym, and it took all of Barbella’s strength to keep it from collapsing while everyone fled to safety. It was then that Barbella realized that bad guys were more hazardous to your health than anything else, so she began to train in the ways of the Sentinel, where she quickly became one of the greatest masters in the world!


Barbella uses her super-strength and boulder barbells in battle. With her boulder barbells she can smash enemies, and even use them to summon rock constructs, ranging from a large pair of stone hands, or a runic cube that she can push at enemies with great force. Her Sky-Chi has her lift her barbells which causes crystal shards to shoot out towards her foes.




Battle Cries

  • "It's Crunch Time!"
  • "I'll whip all your Imaginators into shape with my workout program!" - Sensei Training Bonus
  • "And I can train all of your Sentinel Imaginators in this awesome secret technique." - Secret Technique Bonus
  • "Going, going, gong!" - ringing a Battle Gong
  • "Bring it on, I'm always up for a challenge!"
  • "I should probably warn you: I've been training for this." - before a battle
  • "Work it!"
  • "Oh yeah, feel that burn!"
  • "No pain, no gain. Right, bad guys?" - after a battle
  • "Nothing stands between me and where I want to go!" - opening a gate
  • "Oh, I'm in the zone right now!"
  • "And lift and smash!"
  • "And that's how you get results!" - level up
  • "All that hard work has paid off!" - level up
  • "I can definitely improve on these numbers!" - checking stats
  • "Oh yeah, check out those measurements!"
  • "One, and two, and Sky-Chi!" - activating Sky-Chi (Do You Even Lift?)
  • "I've been weighting for that!" - after Sky-Chi



  • Barbella is a pun on both barbell, a type of exercise equipment, and the Italian word bella, meaning beautiful.
  • In earlier versions of the game, Barbella had an icon based on concept art, and had white instead of yellow hair. [3]
  • Surprisingly, the element and battle class Barbella is in each have more female senseis than males.
  • While most of the senseis' garments consist of robes, tunics, and armor, Barbella's outfit is a jumpsuit with golden linen on the sleeves, pant leg, and even outlines around the chest like an actual chest plate with pauldrons.


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