“Will the challenger defeat the big bad boss, or be overwhelmed by their minions? We're about to find out!”

Battle Chase is an event in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing. In the event, Skylanders will fly or drive in a set pattern while the Portal Master takes aim and shoots the boss chasing them. There are three bosses: Fire Vipers, Mega Chompy, and Kaos himself.

Fire Vipers

In the Fire Vipers battle, the Skylander flies through Frosty Volcano avoiding the steam and lava. In the snow covered parts of the track, the ice variation chases you while the fire variation chases them in the volcano part. Their movement is very erratic so aim carefully.

Mega Chompy

When you fight the Mega Chompy, you will fight him in Chompy Mountain. He doesn't chase you right away though, but he will start chasing you after the blue jump ramp. The Chompy stays in one spot while he runs, so it's really easy to hit him, but the Greebles can be a hassle because their movement is unpredictable.


“Hello down there, Sky-LAMOS! It would seem that I, Kaos once again have the upper hand-this time with my ultimate evil airship---OF DOOM! Meanwhile, since I'm in charge now, I've changed the rules to this little race. Now, anyone who destroys the most Skylanders WINS! And-newsflash, racing fans: -since I will be hovering high above-raining hot doom upon you, it will undoubtedly me ME! KAOS! Shall we begin? 3 2 1 DOOM!”

Kaos is the final boss of the game. Here, he takes control of Pandergast's blimp and has Evilized Greebles trying to shoot you down with missiles. After a while, Kaos will use shields to block your attacks and to breach it, you have to shoot down a Greeble to destroy it. While the battle commences, Kaos will blurt out random lines and Pandergast can do the same thing.


  • The Mega Chompy fight is the only Battle Chase in a terrain other than Sky, being a Land Race.
  • After defeating Kaos, you do not immediately win. Kaos and Pandergast will say a couple of lines before the airship goes down.
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