Beard Science is the ninth episode in the Skylanders Academy television series.


Kaos thinks that the key to getting the Golden Queen to like him is to find some hair, so he steals Master Eon's treasured beard.


The episode starts at the Skylanders Academy gardens, where Master Eon took Hex, Roller Brawl and Wind-Up for a special class on proper grooming. While Skull voices his displeasure, Eon is about to explain its importance, when his beard suddenly picks up something and a lone hair points to a direction. Sensing danger, the wizard calls them to go somewhere else, and Skull hopes that the class will count as their elective before the four follow.

In the main classroom, Broccoli Guy is throwing foul-smelling types of broccoli under the tables when Master Eon and the cadets arrive, taken there by the wizard's magical beard sense. Broccoli Guy tries to threaten the headmaster, but he acts quickly and uses his shapeshifting beard to slap, cut and crush the villain into submission, with applause from the cadets. Hex concludes that his powers are the reasoning that Eon leads the Academy, and Eon uses it as an opportunity to teach a lesson to the cadets, as each of them has a unique feature about themselves that they can draw strength for. Skull concludes that it is his lack of a body, Wind-Up points out that he can work for 48 hours on a single wind-up, Roller Brawl that she has an uncanny sense of balance - demonstrating by balancing on the railings with her rollerblades- , and Hex that she resists the urges to turn others into her undead servants, while giving a kiss to a displeased Skull. Slightly confused, Eon humors them on it.

Later on, Team Spyro is together at the Library, attempting to gain a Bomb Defusing certification by using a special kit.

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  • Eon reveals his ability of Beard Fu, being able to use his shapeshifting, prehensible beard for a variety of attacks.

Errors & Mistakes


  • Without his beard, Master Eon is forgotten by his Skylanders and easily ignored by his cadets, and disliked by the Sheep. Though he speculates that the beard had magical properties that kept the Academy crew together, series writer Eric Rogers explained that it is actually tied to his own belief on that theory, which can warp reality and alter his influence.[1]
    • Explained in an earlier tweet, the characteristic is exaggerated for comedy, rather than being an unintentional plot hole.
  • Wolfgang refers to Golden Queen as his girlfriend. However, after the events of this episode, they are not hanging out together as of Season 1.
  • The episode's name is a pun on the song Weird Science.
  • In one of the unnamed Mabu's paintings of Kaos and the Golden Queen, the beach Kaos and the Queen were in is an altered screenshot of the Leviathan Lagoon.
  • One of Master Eon's beard moves is named "The van Dyk". This might be a reference to Nick van Dyk, the co-president of Activision Blizzard Studios.


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