“You are out of bounds, inmate.”
    —Skystones Overdrive flavor text

Blaster Casters are machinery-enhanced undead creatures that act as guards to the Debilitation Center in the Land of the Undead during Skylanders: SuperChargers. They also appear in BattleBrawl Island and the Sensei Dark Realm during Skylanders: Imaginators.

Though they appear to be skeletons, their face appears to still have flesh and as such their jaws are connected to the rest of the face, and they lack lower teeth. Blaster Casters attack by aiming with their goggles and shooting laser blasts through them, not unlike Cyclops Gazermages but with a smaller range and a slower shot.


  • Their name is possibly a reference to the Blaster Master videogame series, in which high-tech guns are also used as weapons.

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