Boney Islands is an ice museum in the console version of Skylanders: Swap Force. Here the Skylanders help evacuate the Frost Elves from the museum during a Cyclops attack. The Boney Islands is the tenth chapter of the game.


  • Find the Fossil Fuel
  • Find More Fossil Fuel
  • Help the Caravan Escape
  • Return to the Caravan

Elemental Gates

Areas To Find

  • Frozen Fossil Lane
    • Element: None
  • Gift Boat Row
    • Element: Water
  • Relic Room
    • Element: Water
      • Frost Enchantment
        • Element: Magic/Life
  • Mcelfy's Diode Shoppe
    • Element: Water
  • Curator's Office
    • Element: Water
  • Dusty Archive
  • Triassic Turns
    • Element: Air
  • Paleo Pass
    • Element: Air
      • Aurora Way
        • Element: Magic
  • Ticket Taker
    • Element: Air
  • Security Hutch
    • Element: Air
  • Amber Gallery
    • Element: Tech
  • Glacial Gallery
    • Element: Tech

Fossil Frostway

    • Element: Tech
      • Granite Wing
        • Element: Earth

SWAP Zones

  • Amber Ice Climb
    • SWAP ability: Climb
  • Ice Hollows
    • SWAP ability: Dig
  • Ice Cold Flying
    • SWAP ability: Rocket

New Enemies

Legendary Treasure

  • Geode Glider
  • Triassic Tooth

Bonus Mission Map

  • Royal Gems

Soul Gems


  • Fishbone Hat
  • Bearskin Cap

Story Scroll

  • Frozen Galleries
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