The Book of Dark Magic is an extremely powerful dark artifact in the Skylanders Academy television series, belonging to Kaossandra. The book contains various evil spells of great power, and possesses a powerful dark magic of its own, being able to boost Kaos's magical powers simply through contact. It is a deep, dark secret that Kaossandra holds that could save or destroy all of Skylands.[1]

The book is protected by a curse placed by Kaossandra which prevents anyone but her to open it, but with the right magic, the curse can be lifted. Imprisoned inside the tome is a mysterious, red-eyed entity, that the sorceress regularly seals inside with the curse.


Though the book's origins are unknown, it was hidden to the public eye for some time, as it was believed to have been destroyed in the Great War.

Season 1

The book is first seen in Crash Landing, as Kaossandra starts her daily meditation to strengthen its curse. Though she advises no one to enter, Kaos sneaks in the room and steals it after she leaves, and discovers the book's curse while trying to open it and use its powers to impress his mother. To open it, he and Glumshanks go to the Falling Forest and bargain with Chompy Mage, but the Doom Raider discovers the curse's suspicious strength and tries to take it for himself.

While they battle for it, with Kaos nearly destroying the greedy sorcerer with his empowered magic, Team Spyro and Crash Bandicoot interfere, and defeat both while taking the book for themselves. Returning it to Master Eon as a dark relic capable of opening an interdimensional rift, the wizard uses it to return Crash to his homeworld, but is afflicted by its dark magic and is greatly weakened.

In Assault on Skylander Academy, his condition worsens as he tries to research the book, and Team Spyro travels to the Core of Light to obtain a light cure before he succums to the darkness. In the meantime however, Kaossandra, Kaos and the Doom Raiders invade the Academy to steal it, until Golden Queen decides to take the book for herself, forcing Kaossandra to subdue her betrayers with a dark magic explosion. In the scuffle, however, they are all forced to escape, and Master Eon manages to hold onto the book as the main Skylander team returns to cure him. Seeing the dangers of the book with his own eyes, however, he returns it to Kaossandra in secret, and she strengthens its curse again before its malevolent entity could flee.



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Skylanders Academy

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