“Brawl plus Walrus equals Brawlrus!”
    —Villain Vault

Brawlrus is a walrus pirate and one of the trappable Tech villains in Skylanders: Trap Team. He is among the group of pirates that took over Rainfish Riviera and confronted with the Skylanders with a group of Pirate Henchmen, but was overpowered and defeated.


  • "Blast ho!"

Trap Quotes

  • "What is all this? I demand to speak to the person in charge. I'm a Brawlrus!"
  • "What is this, some kind of vortex? Well then, vortex hooooooooooo!"
  • "What is this trap, some kind of trap? I've never been in a trap before. Been lost in tubes for some reason but never in traps!"
  • "Well I guess the writing is on the wall here. Brawlrus is going good!"
  • I'M A BRAWLUUUUUUUUUUUS!- When entering the game.
  • "What is this place, some kind of academy? What do they teach, academy stuff? Should I hold off all the questions here? I'm a Brawlrus!
  • "Now that was a cannonbrawll run!"
  • "I'd love to take a ride in that submarine. Even though it sounds kinda sketchy. I'm a Brawlrus!" - Quest

Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫

Brawlrus' theme is Walk the Plank, from APM Music.

Brawlrus theme

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