“A simmering pot of sinisterness.”
    —Skystones Overdrive flavor text

Cauldrones are silver living cauldrons with sinister faces that lurk in the Vault of the Ancients. They fire the concotions inside of them as an attack. Like Flitter GlimmersMuck Yucks, and Energy Guardians, they are affected by Push and Pull, changing color and being frequently moved off of the plataforms they use to attack from afar.

They also make an appearance in Skylanders: Imaginators, inhabiting Nightshade's hoard in the Sensei Dark Realm.


  • Because their only appearances in the Vault were either in shadow or in range of the magnetic magic, their original color can only be seen in their Skystone. Their silver plating can be later seen in Imaginators, as they are in areas open to the sky.

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