“Charming Cobra Cadabra will cast a spell on your heart!”
    —Charming Cobra Cadabra's description

Charming Cobra Cadabra is a Valentine's Day counterpart of Cobra Cadabra who appears on February 2015 exclusive to Skylanders: Lost Islands.



  • Charming Cobra Cadabra bears more of a resemblance to King Cobra Cadabra due to his white color scheme.
  • He is the first Lost Islands exclusive Skylander in 2015.
  • He is the third Valentine's day Skylander (Behind Cupid Flameslinger and Love Potion Pop Fizz).
  • Charming Cobra Cadabra shares similarities with Love Potion Pop Fizz.
    • Both of them are Magic element male Skylanders.
    • Both of them are pink.
    • Both of them are Valentine's Day variants of 2015.
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