Chase Variants are uncommon versions of Skylanders that are recolored, or colored in glitter. These variants will commonly start at Level 5 with 2100 Gold. Chase Variants will also appear as "Special" or "Rare” when they are placed on the Portal of Power.

Distribution Types

  • Store Exclusive and Promos - Specific to stores for a limited time.
  • Trade show ex. - E3, etc...
  • Employee exclusive- hence the name.
  • Rare store encounter

Types of Chase Variants

  • Color-Shift - "Shiny-Glittery"
  • Glow - Glow-in-the-dark.
  • Flocked - Snow-like fiber covering the body.
  • Iridescent - Metallic finish.
  • Sparkle - White sparkly finish.
  • Stone - Black with gray streaks
  • Translucent - Translucent
  • Patina

List of Chase Variants

Spyro's Adventure Element
Chop Chop Icon Gold Chop Chop UndeadSymbolSkylanders
Drill Sergeant Icon Gold Drill Sergeant TechSymbolSkylanders
Flameslinger Icon Gold Flameslinger FireSymbolSkylanders
Boomer Icon Silver Boomer TechSymbolSkylanders
Dino-Rang Icon Silver Dino-Rang EarthSymbolSkylanders
Eruptor Icon Silver Eruptor FireSymbolSkylanders
Warnado Icon Glow-In-The-Dark Warnado AirSymbolSkylanders
Wrecking Ball Icon Glow-In-The-Dark Wrecking Ball MagicSymbolSkylanders
Zap Icon Glow-In-The-Dark Zap WaterSymbolSkylanders
Cynder Icon Crystal Cynder UndeadSymbolSkylanders
Stealth Elf Icon Crystal Stealth Elf LifeSymbolSkylanders
Wham-Shell Icon Crystal Wham-Shell WaterSymbolSkylanders
Whirlwind Icon Crystal Whirlwind AirSymbolSkylanders
Drill Sergeant Icon Translucent Red Drill Sergeant TechSymbolSkylanders
Bash Icon Translucent Blue Bash EarthSymbolSkylanders
Gill Grunt Icon Green Armor Gill Grunt WaterSymbolSkylanders
Cynder Icon Metallic Purple Cynder UndeadSymbolSkylanders
Hex Icon Pearl Hex UndeadSymbolSkylanders
Spyro Icon Chrome Spyro MagicSymbolSkylanders
Stump Smash Icon Flocked Stump Smash LifeSymbolSkylanders
Camo Icon Translucent Red Camo LifeSymbolSkylanders

Giants Element
Whirlwind S2 Icon Stone Whirlwind AirSymbolSkylanders
Zook S2 Icon Stone Zook LifeSymbolSkylanders
Flameslinger S2 Icon Gold Flameslinger FireSymbolSkylanders
Cynder S2 Icon Glow-In-The-Dark Cynder UndeadSymbolSkylanders
Fright Rider Icon Glow-In-The-Dark Fright Rider UndeadSymbolSkylanders
Sonic Boom S2 Icon Glow-In-The-Dark Sonic Boom AirSymbolSkylanders
Hot Head Icon Sparkle Hot Head FireSymbolSkylanders
Sonic Boom S2 Icon Sparkle Sonic Boom AirSymbolSkylanders
Sprocket Icon Sparkle Sprocket TechSymbolSkylanders
Eruptor S2 Icon Snow Flocked Eruptor FireSymbolSkylanders
LightCore Prism Break Icon Snow Flocked Prism Break EarthSymbolSkylanders
Stump Smash S2 Icon Snow Flocked Stump Smash LifeSymbolSkylanders
LightCore Prism Break Icon Employee Edition Prism Break EarthSymbolSkylanders
Eye-Brawl Icon Metallic Purple Eye-Brawl UndeadSymbolSkylanders
Lightning Rod S2 Icon Metallic Purple Lightning Rod AirSymbolSkylanders
Wrecking Ball S2 Icon Metallic Purple Wrecking Ball MagicSymbolSkylanders
Chop Chop S2 Icon Metallic Blue Chop Chop UndeadSymbolSkylanders
Hot Dog Icon Bronze Hot Dog FireSymbolSkylanders
Gill Grunt S2 Icon Metallic Gill Grunt WaterSymbolSkylanders
Shroomboom Icon Metallic Shroomboom LifeSymbolSkylanders
Eye-Brawl Icon Pumpkin Eye-Brawl UndeadSymbolSkylanders
Fright Rider Icon Halloween Fright Rider UndeadSymbolSkylanders
Double Trouble Icon Battlegrounds Double Trouble MagicSymbolSkylanders

Swap Force Element
Fire Kraken Icon Gold Fire Kraken FireSymbolSkylanders
Wash Buckler Icon Color-Shift Wash Buckler WaterSymbolSkylanders
Twin Blade Chop Chop Icon Green Armor Chop Chop UndeadSymbolSkylanders
Rip Tide Icon Green Armor Rip Tide WaterSymbolSkylanders
Scorp Icon Green Armor Scorp EarthSymbolSkylanders
LightCore Smolderdash Icon Employee Edition Smolderdash

Featuring an icy redesign, this version of
the figure is renamed "Snowderdash".

Heavy Duty Sprocket Icon Heavy Metal Sprocket TechSymbolSkylanders
Springtime Trigger Happy Icon Flocked Springtime Trigger Happy TechSymbolSkylanders
Fire Bone Hot Dog Icon Crystal Hot Dog

Flames come in either red, green, or blue.

Trap Shadow Icon Bronze/Silver Trap Shadow MagicSymbolSkylanders
Stink Bomb Icon Silver/Gold Stink Bomb LifeSymbolSkylanders
Doom Stone Icon Gold/Bronze Doom Stone EarthSymbolSkylanders
Dune Bug Icon Metallic Red Dune Bug MagicSymbolSkylanders

Trap Team Element
Tuff Luck Icon Crystal Tuff Luck LifeSymbolSkylanders
Short Cut Icon Crystal Short Cut UndeadSymbolSkylanders
Thunderbolt Icon Crystal Thunderbolt AirSymbolSkylanders
Easter Trap Easter Trap EarthSymbolSkylanders

SuperChargers Element
High Volt Icon Patina High Volt TechSymbolSkylanders
Lava Lance Eruptor Icon Patina Lava Lance Eruptor FireSymbolSkylanders
Nightfall Icon Patina Nightfall DarkSymbolSkylanders
Bone Bash Roller Brawl Icon Bronze Bone Bash Roller Brawl UndeadSymbolSkylanders
Stormblade Icon Snow-Brite Stormblade AirSymbolSkylanders
Shield Striker symbol Patina Shield Striker TechSymbolSkylanders
Burn-Cycle symbol Patina Burn-Cycle FireSymbolSkylanders
Tomb Buggy symbol Bronze Tomb Buggy UndeadSymbolSkylanders

Imaginators Element
Starcast Icon Crystal Starcast DarkSymbolSkylanders
Barbella Icon Translucent Pink/Blue Barbella EarthSymbolSkylanders
Ember Icon Dec- Ember FireSymbolSkylanders
Pain-Yatta Icon Rock Candy Pain-Yatta MagicSymbolSkylanders
Chain Reaction Icon Translucent Orange Chain Reaction TechSymbolSkylanders
Starcast Icon Happy Birthday Ben! Starcast DarkSymbolSkylanders


  • Translucent Red Camo and Crystal Whirlwind were released two years after Spyro's Adventure.

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