This article is about the character from the games. You may be looking for the villain from the spin-off TV series.
“The champ of chomp!”
    —Villain Vault
“Chompy Power!”
    —Chompy Mage's Sensei catchphrase

The Chompy Mage, also known as Vengar in Skylanders: Battlegrounds, is an antagonist who first appeared in Skylanders: Giants. He is a wizard who has the ability to summon Chompies and transform into a giant Chompy. He dislikes anyone who isn't a Chompy, and always has a Chompy puppet on his left hand which he occassionally speaks for. His brother is the Sheep Mage.[1]

Before the events of Skylanders: Trap Team, the Chompy Mage became the latest member of the Doom Raiders. He later traded a life of crime to be part of the Skylander Senseis in Skylanders: Imaginators, training Imaginators of the Bazooker Battle Class.


The Chompy Mage is obsessed with Chompies, so much that he dresses like one and doesn't like anyone who isn't a Chompy. Aside from that, he also appears to have little to no respect for others but his own allies, constantly annoying Flynn until he warmed up to him during the credits of Giants. However, since becoming a Doom Raider, the Chompy Mage shows great respect towards his fellow villains, not intending to turn them into Chompies, knowing that doing so would anger them greatly.

His Chompy puppet appears to be a split personality or have a mind of its own occasionally, rather childish and carefree; it is seen mocking or looking away from other people during Trap Team cutscenes while the Mage appears to be paying attention to them, replying to him, and in SuperChargers staring down into another Chompy in their vehicle before the Chompy Mage shooed it away. In Battlecast, it also frequently replies to him and talks to the opponents.

After his rehabilitation in Skylanders: Imaginators, the Chompy Mage still holds on to his love for Chompies, but now believes that they should be used for good instead of evil.



Believe it or not, the Chompy Mage actually hatched from inside a Chompy Pod. At least that is how his Chompy hand puppet tells the story. Having been raised by Chompies, it is no surprise that the old magician is a little strange. He simply grew up embracing the Chompy way – believing that Skylands would be a better place if everyone was a Chompy – an illegal enchantment which he has actually tried to perform on several occasions. 

Skylanders: Giants

The Chompy Mage was on his way to the annual Chompy Convention (ChompyCon), but got lost. He didn't want to ask for directions, so he pretended like he moved to Wilikin Village on purpose. The Chompy Mage then figured he would stay there for a while, practicing his magic, and then set out for the ChompyCon next year.[2] However, his antics proved to be a nuisance to the Wilikins, eluding the residents by switching between the real world and the Wilikin world. Eventually, the Skylander confronted the Chompy Mage and defeated him at the edge of Wilikin Village. He later appeared in the credits, conversing with Flynn.

Skylanders: Trap Team

Eventually, the Chompy Mage's forbidden magic to turn others into Chompies led him to be locked up inside Cloudcracker Prison, where he met the other Doom Raiders. Of course, they all thought he was completely crazy, but the Chompy Mage can see through the eyes of any Chompy in Skylands — and having a few billion little spies can come in handy when trying to enact revenge on the Skylanders. Plus, he could secure the Chompy vote for any sort of political elections that followed.

The Chompy Mage, along with the other remaining members of the Doom Raiders, were freed from Cloudcracker Prison by Kaos who attempted to assume leadership over the villainous group. However, the Doom Raiders were more willing to follow orders of their original leader, the Golden Queen. The Chompy Mage was sent by the Golden Queen to locate all the Traptanium needed to create their Ultimate Weapon. He confronted the Skylanders in his hot air balloon in an effort to stop them from reaching the Chompy Mountain entrance. Fortunately for them, there was a cannon nearby, so the Skylanders could make comeback shots from the Chompy Mage's own cannons.

After freeing Mabu Defense Force member Snuckles, the Skylanders faced the Chompy Mage atop the Chompy Head Spire, and, despite his many Chompies and his imposing Chompy forms, he was defeated once again. However, he manged to inform the Doom Raiders of the location of all the Traptanium in Skylands before his capture.

After the Skylanders saved the Phoenix Chicken from Chef Pepper Jack, they took him and Broccoli Guy on board the Chef Zeppelin for their Villain Quests. Chompy Mage's quest was called "Free the Chompies!", provided by a Mabu chef named Cookie. He explained to the heroes that he was responsible for wrangling all the ship's Chompies, and that he didn't attend the Royal Cooking Academy to get bit ever so often, and pleaded the mage's assistance so he could finally work in the kitchen. After freeing the critters, Chompy Mage was awarded with Cookie's thanks and a new outfit.

Skylanders: SuperChargers

The Chompy Mage reappeared as a raceable villain riding his signature vehicle, the Chompy Buster. After defeating him in Boss Pursuit, the player will be able to race as the Chompy Mage in Race Mode.

Skylanders: Imaginators

After breaking out and joining the other Doom Raiders, Chompy Mage was once again captured by the Skylanders. Eon gave him and other villains a choice - either go back to jail or become Skylander Senseis, teaching a new generation of Imaginators their formidable battle skills as well as how to stay clear of a life of crime. They accepted the deal, but first had to prove themselves by re-arranging all the books in the Academy's library, a task which took almost two years, testing every ounce of will they had. This also gave Chompy Mage time to take up the bazooka, which he was naturally so good at that he now trains Imaginators of the Bazooker Class as a Sensei master.


Being a wizard, the Chompy Mage has the ability to summon magic that can either be harmful or heal the Skylanders, switching the worlds will reverse their properties. He also has the ability to transform into a giant Chompy, and summon Chompies with a wave of his staff. The Chompy Mage can use his staff's magic to turn anyone into a Chompy. He can also summon a forcefield to protect himself, or teleport when the time calls for it.

As a giant Chompy, the Chompy Mage can release eggs that would hatch into regular Chompies or Enfuego Chompies, depending on which world they are in. He can also blow gusts of wind, and inhale to draw the Skylander towards it to bite them. In Trap Team, the Chompy Mage reveals the ability to change into his Super Magma form while in his Chompy stage. In Skylanders: Battlecast, that is extended when he also shows the ability to change his element to Water and become a Jumbo Frigid Chompy, or become a Jumbo Enfuego Chompy with the Fire element.

Jumbo Form En Fuego Form Frigid Form
Jumbo Formcard

Transform Chompy Mage into Jumbo Chompy. (Chompy Mage gains acess to Chosen Chompion)

En Fuego Formcard

Rare (Unobtainable)
Transform Chompy Mage into Jumbo En Fuego Chompy. (Chompy Mage gains acess to Fiesta del Fuego)

Frigid Formcard

Rare (Unobtainable)
Transform Chompy Mage into Jumbo Frigid Chompy. (Chompy Mage gains acess to Shore Feels Good)

Chompy Mage - Special Ability
Chompy Mage - Special Abilitycard

Replace a card in your hand with a Chompy Mage character card from your deck.

Sensei Stats

Sensei Abilities


Villain Quest

Villain Theme ♫

Chompy Mage's villain theme is Mad Chase, from APM Music. His boss themes across the games are remixes of various existing themes, Icicle Isle in Giants and Volcanic Vault(known as Legendary Ancient Sewers in the soundtrack) in Trap Team.

Chompy Mage theme

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  • He thinks he is a great singer, but he is in fact pretty bad.
    • Despite this, he was a good rapper in It's Christmas 4 Bad Guyz 2.
  • He loves enchiladas, like Flynn, Sharpfin, and Buzz.
  • Flynn has offered to help him find a new job.
  • The Chompy Mage is the only Doom Raider who wasn't seen in the opening cutscene of Trap Team along with the other Doom Raiders; this is because the Chompy Mage was imprisoned in Cloudcracker Prison sometime after the other Doom Raiders were first incarcerated.
  • As he appears on the Dread-Yacht's dingy during the credits of Giants, it appears that he can teleport.
  • The Chompy Mage is very similar to his brother, the Sheep Mage; both are mages that are associated with an animal of Skylands, both have left hand puppets of their respective animals, both have the ability to transform into a large version of their respective creature, and both possess the ability to blow and inhale large amounts of air.
  • He is also similar to Clopin in The Hunchback of Notre Dame; both of them have puppets of their favorite things.
  • His magic attack is similar to the Hydra's Life elemental powers, though lacking the bugs.
  • At the time when Trap Team was first revealed, when back into the game, he would say "WHAT? I'm back in Skylands?!"
  • The Chompy Mage is one of the four trappable villains who, upon being captured in a trap, vaguely references the smell of mustard (the others are Blaster-TronTussle Sprout and Chef Pepper Jack).
  • He and the Bone Chompy are the only trappable villains who first appeared in Giants.
  • The Chompy Mage is the only Doom Raider and Sensei who first appeared in Giants.
  • Any hat he wears is placed on top of his Chompy Puppet instead.
  • The Chompy Mage is voiced by Alex Ness, who is the Chief of Staff at Toys for Bob, who is also the voice actor of Lightning Rod, Drobot, Double Trouble and Broccoli Guy.
  • He and Golden Queen are the only Doom Raiders that can summon Villains of their Element (Chompy and Grave Clobber).
  • He and Broccoli Guy are similar in many ways:
    • Both are Life-elemental Villains.
    • Both carry staffs.
    • Both appear in the same level.
    • Both have Quests available in the level, Chef Zeppelin.
    • Both are voiced by Alex Ness.
    • Both are bosses in the Life Realm.
    • Both return in Imaginators.
    • Both appear in Skylanders Academy.
  • The Chompy Mage is the only villain who has his own cutscene when completing his Quest.
  • The Chompy Mage, as of Skylanders: Battlecast, is the only character in the entire series to change his element at will entirely, in his Jumbo Frigid and Enfuego Chompy forms - other characters could only change theirs permanently.
  • Across the franchise, Chompy Mage was an independent villain, part of the Doom Raiders, and now part of a Skylander team. Aside from Kaos, this makes him the character to change alliances the most as of Imaginators.
  • In Chompy Mage's "Meet the Senseis" trailer, it incorrectly has the Chompy Staff, which is for Sorcerer Imaginators, as the weapon he awards after opening the Bazooker Sensei Shrine in The Golden Arcade.
  • Despite his figure form and Skylanders: Imaginators official artwork, the Chompy Mage doesn't rely on his staff. Whenever he is placed on the portal before entering the game, he tosses it away (apparently due to the Chompy Puppet's disapproval of the staff) and then pulls out his bazooka. However, he uses his staff as his alternative ammo for his bazooka only after his "Staff Shot" upgrade is purchased.
  • He and Flare Wolf are the only Bazooker Senseis.
  • He and Pain-Yatta are the only Skylanders to slide on their behinds instead of their feet during Grind Challenges.


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