Chompy Rustbuds are mechanical Chompies that lurk around the graves of the Rampant Ruins in Skylanders: Swap Force. Like most Chompies, they attack by biting the Skylander.

Battlecast Abilities

In Skylanders: Battlecast, they are the weaker units in Dr. Krankcase's forces, using their Mecha Teeth to destroy Gear and the ability to Regurgitech weapons and acessories of their own.

Regurgitech Mecha Teeth - Special Ability

Common (Unobtainable)

Common (Unobtainable)
When Chompy Rustbud attacks, destroy the active enemies gear.


  • Their Battlecast spells indicate that they lurk Arkeyan graves to eat the robots' remains.
  • Strangely, their Villain Card shows a Frigid Chompy with slightly darker skin instead of their actual model.

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