Cloudbreak Core is the last story level in Skylanders: Swap Force. This is where the final battle takes place where Kaos is evilized by the Evilized Crystals he set to corrupt the Cloudbreak Volcano, becoming a being called Super Evil Kaos.


Crushing de-feet

In this stage, Kaos begins to stomp on the ground causing damaging shockwaves and leaves his evilized toe nails vulnerable to attack. After the toe nails on his feet are destroyed, he stomps twice instead of once. After destroying the crystals he proceeds to put the Skylander in his mouth in an attempt to eat them.

Inside mouth

In this stage, Kaos begins to slam down his teeth to cause shockwaves. You must destroy the crystals on the back of his teeth. He may also throw in enemies such as Chompies and Geargolems. After destroying the crystals he manages spits the Skylanders out and they fall into his ear, entering his mind which commences the next phase.

Kaos's brain

In this stage, Kaos's brain can bring his thoughts to life, he begins to think about a mini Evil Glumshanks tank that chases you around but is invulnerable. Then he stops and thinks about Grumblebum Thrashers and Boom Bosses that are larger and stronger. After defeating all the enemies, Kaos loses his focus and launches three evilized crystals that you need to destroy. Be careful, he summons multiple missiles to rain down. After destroying the crystals, he thinks of Arkeyan Rip-Rotors and Cyclops Gazermages which are stronger too. After defeating the enemies, he launches 3 more crystals which you need to destroy, but there is also a zeppelin in the back shooting bombs. Once you destroy the crystals, Kaos prepares too think about the most evil, and diabolical thing he can think of. He thinks of sheep with Kaos heads. He just summons more and more, they are no danger, just simply attack them to knock them away. After getting rid of those sheep, Kaos launches the last three evilized crystals, he also brings out Mesmerelda's puppet bombs. After destroying all the crystals, Kaos sneezes you out and begins the next and final phase.

Final phase

In this phase, you need to get to the cannon and try to avoid Kaos in the background. All Kaos does is let off an extremely powerful jet of evilized fire that knocks back the Skylander. Be careful with the holes on the stage. Once you reach the cannon, rapidly press the secondary button to aim the cannon towards Kaos's head which then fires to destroy the crystals on his head thus finishing the battle.

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