This article is about the location within the Skylanders Academy continuity. You may be looking for its game counterpart.

Cloudcracker Prison is a stronghold that houses dangerous villains of all kinds in the Skylanders Academy television series.


Cloudcracker served as the former location of the Doom Raiders. All new Skylanders are required to serve a day of guard duty at the prison as a way to expose them to the worst of the worst they would face.

The head of security and warden of the prison is Snap Shot. All guards hold badges that help keep inmates in line by freezing them or sending them to solitary confinement, a large domed room called "The Hole".

Season 1

In The Hole Truth, Spyro, Stealth Elf and Eruptor have their day of guard duty under Snap Shot's guidance. Because of their dedication to following the rulebooks, their eagerness to stop inmates from breaking rules allows the Doom Raiders to take advantage and be sent separetely to The Hole, as the rule to send only one inmate at a time was never listed in the books. Though they attempt to use Kaos to distract the guards, he is also sent down, and while Snap Shot and the guards prepare to infiltrate the solitary confinement, the three Skylanders send themselves down to atone for their mistake.

In there, the Doom Raiders combine their attacks to open a wormhole and escape elsewhere. Though the Skylanders intervene and nearly defeat them in battle, the gang escapes, and the guard badges are only able to freeze them on the other side of the wormhole, with the exception of Kaos. Though he is kicked out to allow the villains' escape, he also flees through the sewer pipes while Spyro, Stealth Elf and Eruptor talk with Snap Shot and the other guards.


Known inmates



  • Unlike its canonical counterpart in the games, Cloudcracker Prison is designed similar to a regular prison and is not made of Traptanium.
  • One of the rules prohibits that inmates announce that the color orange is to replace the color black without written permission, in reference to another Netflix Original show, Orange is the New Black.
  • Oddly, all the pictures in the warden's room have bars painted over them.


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