Cutthroat Carnival is the fourth chapter in Skylanders: Giants, where the Skylanders have to battle their way through the fair by challenging Pirates with the new minigame, Skystones, in order for them to repair the Dread-Yacht. They also learn to play Skystones, so they can go back to all the people in previous levels and play them.


  • Repair the ship.

Elemental Gates

  • Undead
  • Air

Areas To Find

  • Loading Platform I
    • Element: Tech
  • Janitor's Lounge
    • Element: Tech
  • Concessions
    • Element: Tech
  • The Batson House
    • Element: Tech
  • Loading Platform II
    • Element: Life
  • House of Cards
    • Element: None
  • The Promenade
    • Element: Water
  • Pirate Prison
    • Element: Fire
  • Pirate Island
    • Element: Fire

Legendary Treasure

  • Go into Quartermaster's Cabin in Pirate Island. Step on the button. It will open the gate blocking the door in Pirate Island. Go into the door and you will see the treasure.

Soul Gem


  • Lampshade Hat - +5 Elemental Power
  • Mariachi  Hat

Luck-o-Tron Wheel

In Pirate Prison, shoot the gate the furthest to the left with the cannon or a Giant. Go in. You will see there is an open passage leading around the side of it. Follow it and you will see the wheel.

Skylands (World) - Cap'n Flynn's Ship (Hub)

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