The Cyclops Queen is one of the main antagonists of Lightning Rod Faces the Cyclops Queen. She is the wife of the Cyclops King, Pipsqueak. Unlike the other Cyclopses, the Cyclops Queen possesses two extra eyes atop of her main single eye.


The Cyclops Queen shows no regard for anyone, even her own husband. Although she appears to care for the animals held in her zoo, she neglected them, viewing the animals only as her collection that belonged only to her and no one else.


The Cyclops Queen owned a zoo in Tempest Towers that contained many unique animals she called her collection, including the last Land Whale, but never looked after them. When the Skylanders came for the Land Whale, one of the Queen's prized animals in her zoo, the Cyclops Queen had Lightning Rod and Drobot locked up with the Land Whale to be eaten, while she imprisoned Pop Fizz in a cage.

When Kaos and his army of Drow arrived, the Cyclops Queen saw the evil Portal Master as a unique specimen for her collection and had her cyclopses battle Kaos's Drow army. The Cyclopses lost the struggle, and the Cyclops Queen was tied up. Kaos tried to force the Queen to tell him the password to the cage of the Land Whale. She refused, but her husband, Pipsqueak, told the evil Portal Master out of fear for his life. As the cyclopses recovered from the battle, the Cyclops Queen could only watch in tears as the Skylanders took the tower that contained her animal collection back to the Eternal Archive, as the tower itself was the Air segment to the Mask of Power.


  • Some of the many creatures in her zoo include; double-headed swans, hippo-sized butterflies, warty chompies, a giant snail, a werewolf, unicorns, scaled gorillas, winged rhinoceros, a pig/fish hybrid, spider mages, and many other animals which are not seen or mentioned.
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