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The Cyclopses are one-eyed enemies in the Skylanders series. They first appeared in solid red color with white eyes as Kaos' minions, but later their normal versions appear in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Cyclopses are known for being stinky due to them not ever taking baths. There are also another variety of Cyclopses called Snowclopses, who reside in the cold areas of Skylands.


Cyclopses come in different forms, they can be big or small, strong or weak. All of them however have a single beady eye to spot strangers with. These bad beasts are far from sociable, if they spy any outsiders, they will attack them, making these unfriendly creatures a real nuisance for Skylanders. Kaos often enlists their help in his schemes.[1]

According to a Story Scroll, Cyclopses are also stone masons, having constructed stone castles, statues, and temples throughout the Skylands, but their stone carved ships of the Cyclops Navy were not their proudest moment.

List of Cyclopses


Notable Cyclopses


  • Not all Cyclopses were evil, some of them like Quick Draw and the audience from the Arena Battles will sometimes assist the Skylanders.
  • In Trap Team, the blue-skinned Cyclopses in the Sunscraper Spire were trying to prevent the Skylanders from releasing the imprisoned Luminous.
    • It is also the only place where small and strange, Chompy-like versions of Cyclopses are seen. They lack arms, torso, and most facial features except for their large red eyes, and carry helmets with oversized blades sticking out.
  • In the Crystal Eye Castle and in Cyclops Square, there are bat-like cyclops creatures flying around the level at various points.
  • In Skylanders: Imaginators, Cyclops Brawlbucklers, and Coldspear Cyclopses, are in the audience during BattleBrawl Island arena challenges.


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