The Dark Hot Streak is the Dark counterpart of the Hot Streak in Skylanders: SuperChargers, available in all Dark Editions of the game. Its signature driver is Dark Spitfire.



These are the vehicles stats in Skylanders: SuperChargers.

  • Armor: ???
  • Top Speed: 80
  • Acceleration: 75
  • Handling: 65
  • Weight: ???

These are the vehicles stats in Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing

  • Top Speed: 16
  • Acceleration: 13
  • Handling: 14
  • Firepower: 15
  • Armor: 12

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Character Trailer

Dark Hot Streak00:45

Dark Hot Streak

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Burn-Cycle - Hot Streak
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Dark Hot Streak - E3 Hot Streak - Golden Hot Streak - Instant Hot Streak

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