Dark Water Cove is a pirate hideout where the Skylanders have to go to retrieve the Twin Spouts of Ocea Major-Minor.


  • Find the Twin Spouts’ location
  • Retrieve the Twin Spouts
  • Escape with a pirate ship

Elemental Gates

Areas To Find

  • The North Star
    • Element: None
  • Battery Island
  • Whale’s Belly
    • Element: None
  • East Gate
  • Lost Rigger’s Cove
  • Torta’s Town
  • Bridge of Hands
    • Element: None
  • The Ancient Temple
  • The Elvenship
  • West Gate
    • Element: None
  • Watery Graves

New Enemies

Legendary Treasure

  • Parrot Totem

Soul Gem

  • Dino-Rang – Sticky Boomerangs
    • Located in The North Star area, immediately left of the starting place on the ship.
  • Ignitor – Fire Forged Armor
    • Located in Torta's Town area on the beach.


  • Tiki Hat - +10 Elemental Power
  • Tropical Turban - +2 Speed +5 Elemental Power

Story Scroll

  • The Story Scroll is called "Pirate Problems" and is located in the East Gate area just north of the Magic gate.
Spyro's Adventure
Skylands (World) - The Ruins (Hub)

Main Chapters
Shattered Island - Perilous Pastures - Sky Schooner Docks - Stormy Stronghold - Oilspill Island
Dark Water Cove - Leviathan Lagoon - Crystal Eye Castle - Stonetown - Treetop Terrace - Falling Forest
Troll Warehouse- Goo Factory - Battlefield -Crawling Catacombs - Cadaverous Crypt - Creepy Citadel
Molekin Mine - Lava Lakes Railway - Quicksilver Vault - Arkeyan Armory - Lair of Kaos
3DS Areas
Radiant Isles (World) - Sanctuary (Hub) - Dark Mirror (Endgame Level)
Brighthold Battlements - Rivenrock Caverns - Whitefall Summits - Faylair Jungle - Galecrack Ruins
3DS Area Levels
Towersight Fields - The Proving Grounds - Flooded Viaducts - Radiant Fountain - Dreamgardens
Ashburrow - Magma Bank Island - Cinderstream Pass - Luminous Quarry - Lava Flow Grotto
Snowblind Hills - Frostsedge - Glacial Slopes - Icelight - Aurora Peak
Leaflook Village - Breakmarsh - Daystar Temple - Treetop Circle - Waterwalk Way
Sunblight Wood - Thundersquall - Whipwind Mountains - Stormseye - Galecrack Castle

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