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Doomlanders are an army of evil Imaginators created by Kaos with the power of Mind Magic in Skylanders: Imaginators to stop the Skylanders near the end of each Chapter. They each correspond to a battle class, and use Gear that can be unlocked after their defeat.

List of Doomlanders



  • The Sentinel Doomlander is the only Doomlander who doesn't have a boss battle of its own.
  • The Smasher Doomlander is the only Doomlander boss without a creation cutscene.



Doomlanders - Evil Sea Monster - Guacamole Monster - Kaos
Sorcerer Doomlander - Brawler Doomlander - Bazooker Doomlander - Swashbuckler Doomlander
Knight Doomlander - Ninja Doomlander - Smasher Doomlander - Bowslinger Doomlander
Quickshot Doomlander - Sentinel Doomlander

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