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The normal Dragonfire Cannon

The Dragonfire Cannon is the proper version of its counterpart, the Golden Dragonfire Cannon. It includes Shroomboom, a Series 2 Chop Chop, and, of course, the Dragonfire Cannon. Similar to the Golden Dragonfire Cannon, this item unlocks the Dock of Doom and Frost Fight Battle Arena; however, it does not unlock the Ultimate Wheel of Power.

Golden version

The Golden Dragonfire Cannon is a GameStop exclusive version of the normal Dragonfire Cannon. It can also be used similarly to a Magic Item by placing it on the Portal of Power in-game. The cannon will follow the Skylander and shoot blasts of fire at enemies every few seconds, dealing damage to one or more enemies at a time.



  • The Dragonfire Cannon, as well as its golden counterpart are the items, and the first ones to have light-up effects.
  • It is also the first Battle Arena not included in an Adventure Pack (excluding the Volcanic Vault).
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