Drill-X' Big Rig is the eleventh chapter in Skylanders: Giants. In here, your goal is to destroy Drill-X, the big singing drill machine that Kaos is using to get to the Lost City of Arkus.

Elemental Gates

Areas To Find

  • Utility Deck
    • Element: Tech
  • Machine Retrofit Assembly
    • Element: Unknown
  • Drawworks
    • Element: Unknown
  • Aux Hanger
    • Element: Unknown
  • Aux Storage Area
    • Element: Unknown
  • Riley's Tube
  • Lower Transition Station
    • Element: Unknown
  • Middle Transition Station
    • Element: Unknown
  • Southern Rig Platform
    • Element: Unknown
  • Golem's Fortune
    • Element: Unknown
  • Ventilation Platform
    • Element: Unknown
  • Gas Refinery
    • Rock Works
      • Element: Earth
  • Upper Transition Station
  • Middle Auxiliary Deck
  • Centrifuge
  • Aux Piston Platform
  • Aux Control Room
  • Landing Deck
  • Triple Piston Trouble
  • The Apex

New Enemies

Legendary Treasure

  • Propeller Engine

Soul Gem


  • Safari Hat
  • Traffic Cone Hat

Story Scroll

  • Nice Try, Kaos
Skylands (World) - Cap'n Flynn's Ship (Hub)

Main Chapters
Time of the Giants - Junkyard Isles - Rumbletown - Cutthroat Carnival - Glacier Gully - Secret Vault of Secrets
Wilikin Village - Troll Home Security - Kaos' Kastle - Aerial Attack! - Drill-X's Big Rig - Molekin Mountain
The Oracle - Autogyro Adventure - Lost City of Arkus - Bringing Order to Kaos!
3DS Chapters
Daring Rescue - Head Hunting - Lost and Found - Through the Ruins - Tiki Tumble - Sand Trap - The Tar Pits
The Windy Dunes - A Walk in the Park - Westernland - Tunnel of Love - Murky Waters - Stuck in the Mud
Overgrowth - Marsh Madness - Cannon Fodder - Ships Ahoy - Phantom Tide Rising - Saving Skylands

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