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The Drow are an antagonistic subspecies of bluish-green elves in the Skylanders series. They are evil elves who have turned away from the light and embraced The Darkness, being evil by choice. Despite their allegiance to Kaos, like all elves, the Drow retain a love for nature.[1]

It would seem that the Drow are connected to the two elements of Life and Air. The Drow military seems to be made up of ranged attackers, primarily the Drow Witches, and they seem to have manipulated the Air and Life Spell Punks to be their spellcasters. Their melee units seem to be Goliaths and Blitzer Bullies, but the Spearmen are primarily used as meat shields.


Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Darker versions of the Drow were summoned by Kaos as his minions to attempt to destroy the Core of Light, notable for being completely red and having white eyes instead of their coloration. However, they were dispatched by the Skylanders along with the other enemies. The Drow first appeared in Perilous Pastures guarding the path to the gate where they imprisoned Cali. They later appeared in Sky Schooner Docks, and Stormy Stronghold, where they tried to harness the power of the Eternal Air Source. In Treetop Terrace, the Drow took the Life Seeds for themselves, and they had to be retrieved.

Skylanders: Giants

Drows reside in the Junkyard Isles and Rumbletown, which are traversed by the Skylander and their allies in their quest to find Ermit.

Skylanders: Trap Team(3DS)

An army of Drow and their Nightmare counterparts were led by the Dream Sheep. Strangely, they are still called elves by the local Mabu, during their attack to the Monastery of Waking at the Cloudburst Keys. In the game, female Drow call each other "sisters".


A group of Drow serve the villainous Machine Magus, and reside in a fortress and the surrounding jungle.

Rift into Overdrive and Skylanders: SuperChargers

A group of Drow in Kaos' army was trained to be an elite force to assist in attacking the Skylanders and protecting the Sky Eater, known as the Dark Drow.

Notable Drow

List of Enemy Drow


  • The Drow have a large number of airships and balloons in Sky Schooner Docks.
    • The Drow claimed to have invented the hot air balloon, but it was really a Chompy that invented the idea.
  • Several Drow enemies had their names changed in the 3DS version of Trap Team, despite only having minor alterations to powers and/or appearance.


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