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The Elements are what the world of Skylands, and the Core of Light, is built up off of. There are ten elements: Magic, TechEarthAirFireWaterLife, Light, Dark, and Undead. Each Skylander is associated with one of these elements and it affects what they can do in the games. There are currently ten elements that are known in Skylands, but there is a possibility of more that lie undiscovered.[1]

In the console versions, Skylanders can open gates of their element and gain extra power in areas of their element. In Arena Matches, some Skylanders get extra damage against certain elements.

In Giants, if a Skylander is in an element zone or at an elemental gate which matches their elements, they give off a bit of a cheer. If that zone or gate doesn't match their elements, they will sometimes get irritated.

All elements are different, but they are all equal in power. Fire, Tech, and Undead all have an aggresive playstyle, where Water and Earth seem to have a lot of health for what you might call tanking. Magic, Air, and Life are balanced and more supportive than anything else.

In the webgame, the abilities Skylanders have in minigames varies depending on their element. An example of this is that each element has their own special boost attack in Sky Defense.

In the game's Battle Mode each Element has advantages and disadvantages: Air is stronger against Earth, Earth is stronger against Tech, Tech is stronger against Magic, Magic is stronger against Undead, Undead is stronger against Life, Life is stronger against Water, Water is stronger against Fire, Fire is stronger than Air, and the cycle starts over again.

In Trap Team, Light and Dark were the two new elements introduced. Kaos also has his own element.


  • Some enemies are also elemental based, Spell Punks and Villains are the best examples.
    • You can see some enemies with them on the Skystones as well.
  • The four classical elements each interact with each other in advantages/disadvantages.
  • The Light and Dark Elements are currently the only type of elements to have no known advantages or disadvantages in battle. This may be due to the fact there is no Battle Mode in Trap Team.


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