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Empire of Ice

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Empire of Ice

Empire of Ice

World: Skylands
Soul Gems: Slam Bam
Enemies: Frozen Fiends
Ice Ogres
Appearances: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure
Skylanders: Giants
Skylanders: Swap Force

Empire of Ice is an Adventure Pack that comes with a new chapter, two magical items, four stickers, four trading cards and the Skylander, Slam Bam.


Haldor, the Great Northern Wizard, seeks the Skylanders to help him save his village of Vindlevale from the Ice Ogres, who have turned the village into an icy wasteland by locking out the sun using a giant wall they built.



According to a Story Scroll, stories are still built around the greatest catapult ever built: The Leveler, which has defended the warm valley of Vindlevale for centuries. Without the Leveler, there is little chance that Vindlevale could defend itself against the cold loving armies of the Ice Orges and Snowclops that dwell nearby.

Magic Items

The adventure pack comes with two magic items. To use an item, simply place it on the Portal of Power in the same way you would a Skylander. Only one Magic Item can be active at the same time. Empire of Ice unlocks the chapter, Sky-Iron Shield gives you a stronger defense, and Anvil Rain can be used to drop anvils.

  • Empire of Ice - Causes ice shards to rain from the sky and a big shock wave dealing great damage to enemies.
  • Sky-Iron Shield - Enhances your characters' defense.
  • Anvil Rain - Causes anvils to rain from the sky and damage enemies



  • When destroying the cannons on the wall at the end of the level, you will ocassionally see one or two Rocket Imps, fly from the wall.
  • Although this was the third Adventure Pack to be released. It was listed ingame as the first chapter of all Adventure Packs.
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