Evilized Greebles are one of the main enemies in Skylanders: Swap Force. They are the Evilized versions of Greebles and serve Kaos. They are also the main form of other Evilized Greeble enemies.

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  • Greebles slightly resemble purple objects that go by the same name that are used in a particular set of scientific facial recognisation tests.
  • Unlike other evilized characters and creatures, Evilized Greebles have horns on their heads instead of having glowing crystals sticking out of their bodies, and their eyes turn from white to yellow.
  • In Skylanders: SuperChargers Racing, evilized Greebles are included as villain NPC racers during the 3 Tours unlocked by Villain Trophies.
Junk Chunker Vehicle

Evilized Greeble piloting the unnamed Pandergast Sky Vehicle.

  • In the Nefarious Tour they pilot Blunder Buckets, in the Malevolent Tour they pilot Clunkers, and in the Wicked Tour they pilot an unnamed Sky version of the Pandergast Vehicles.

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