Expansion Packs are special Adventure Packs that focus on the Light and Dark elements added in Skylanders: Trap Team. Each Pack comes with a Trap Master, a unique Trap and the Location Figure which unlocks the level.

In the console version of the game, each level features a single trappable Doom Raider of the same element as the included Trap and Trap Master. These serve as the main antagonists for the levels, unlike the trappable villains found in the two standard Adventure Packs.

List of Expansion Packs



  • Like Battle Packs, the Location Figures of the Expansion Packs have LightCore features.
Adventure Packs
Pirate Seas - Darklight Crypt - Empire of Ice - Dragon's Peak
Tower of Time - Sheep Wreck Island - Nightmare Express - Mirror of Mystery
Gryphon Park Observatory - Thumpin' Wumpa Islands - Enchanted Elven Forest
Expansion Packs
Sunscraper Spire - Midnight Museum
Level Packs
Cursed Tiki Temple - Lost Imaginite Mines