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“I've Got My Eye On You!”
    —Eye-Brawl's official catchphrase

Eye-Brawl is a combination of a flying eyeball and a headless giant who is an Undead Skylander and one of the eight Giants in Skylanders: Giants. The flying eyeball notably has a twin brother named Dive-Clops.



Eye-Brawl is hyper-observant. Nothing gets past him (without being thumped, that is).[1]


Throughtout history, there have been many epic battles, though none more bizarre than the legendary brawl between the headless giant and the infamous flying eyeball. It all started with a staring contest, but with the headless giant having no eyes and the flying eyeball unable to blink, it soon escalated into an all out war as the two rivals fought fiercely throughout the land of the Undead for over a hundred years! With neither opponent down, the two combatants were eventually struck with the realization that if they were to combine their formidable powers, they would be a force to be reckoned with. By teaming up, the infamous flying eyeball and the headless giant became known as Eye-Brawl, one of the most powerful Skylanders ever known.



It's not everyday a headless Giant declares war on a flying eyeball, but that's exactly how Eye-Brawl came to exist. What started as an evenly matched staring contest between them escalated into a full scale conflict that lasted over a hundred years. Eventually, the unusual enemies became bored of fighting and declared the war a draw. That would've been the end of it, had they not realized that combining their strength would make them almost unstoppable. The eyeball popped himself into the space where the Giant's head should have been, and Eye-Brawl was born.

As a result of combining their abilities, Eye-Brawl instantly became one of the most powerful Skylanders who has ever existed. Now the Giant cyclops uses his big eye to seek out evil in all forms, and his bigger fists to smash it to tiny bits.[2]

Return of the Dragon King

When Malefor was launching an attack on the Skylanders Academy, Eye-Brawl, the Giants and the other Skylanders were summoned to stop the evil dragon. The Giants managed to grab hold of the Malefor's tail to hold him down, but were caught off guard when the mechanical tail was also made as a weapon. In the end, all Skylanders, including the Giants, were defeated in a single blow by Malefor's tail swipe, allowing the evil dragon to absorb their powers to make himself more powerful.



These are the starting and maximum Statistics for this Skylander in the Skylanders games.

  • Health: 430 (max. 860)
  • Speed: 20 (max. 68)
  • Armor: 30 (max. 60)
  • Critical Hit: 50 (max. 100)
  • Elemental Power: ?? (max. 50)

Warning: These stats are not used in any of the Skylander games. They are only listed for completeness reasons.

  • Strength: 140
  • Defense: 140
  • Agility: 100
  • Luck: 45


Basic Abilities
These abilities are available from the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
The Oracle

Haymaker Eye Fly You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

Primary Ability
Press Attack 1 button to throw some heavy punches. Press Attack 1, Attack 1, and then Hold Attack 1 for a special combo.


Secondary Ability
Press Attack 2 to detach the eyeball and fly around. While flying, press Attack 1 to shoot eye lasers.


Price: 4000
Hold Attack 1 to charge up Eye-Brawl's eye, release to pop it off the body, smashing directly ahead.

Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.

An Eye In Team Awesome Occu-Blast The Pummeler Headless, Not Helpless

Price: 500
Press Attack 3 to summon more eyeballs form the earth to attack enemies.


Price: 700
Eye laser has a faster rate of fire.


Price: 900
Punch attacks do increased damage.


Price: 1200
While flying the eyeball, his headless body will punch continuously.

Eye Brawler
Further develop Eye-Brawl's melee combat skills.

Eye-Brawl Combos Ultimate Pummeler Beats An Eye Patch

Price: 1700
Press Attack 1, Attack 1, and then hold Attack 2 for Eye Ball Spin.
Press Attack 1, Attack 1, and then hold Attack 3 for 360 Spin.


Price: 2200
Melee attacks do additional damage.


Price: 3000
New armor provides additional protection.

Eye For An Eye
Further develop Flying Eyeball abilities.

Assering Independence Eye-Crawlers Bouncy Bouncy!

Price: 1700
Eyeball can now fly faster and for a longer duration.


Price: 2200
When enemies are hit with eye lasers, eyes form around the point of impact.


Price: 3000
While flying the eyeball, press Attack 3 to bounce the eye on the ground.

None None None

Price: 5000
This Skylander has no Wow Pow power.

Price: 5000
This Skylander has no Wow Pow power.

Price: 5000
This Skylander has no Wow Pow power.

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Skylanders can use abilities depending on their level.

Starting Powers

  • Haymaker (Primary Attack): Press (Y) to throw some heavy punches.
  • Eye Fly (Secondary Attack): Press (X) to detach the eyeball and fly around. While flying, press (Y) to shoot eye lasers.


  • Stare Down (requires level: 3): While flying as the eye, hold (Y) to fire a continous beam of energy.
  • Eye Smash! (requires level: 6): Holding (Y) sends Eye-Brawl into a rage, with a yell that damages all enemies around him. Release (Y) at the correct time to do a flying smash attack.
  • Eyes For You (requires level: 9): While flying as the eye, press (B) to do a smash attack and release tiny eyeball minions that attack enemies.


Battle Cries

  • "I've Got My Eye On You!"
  • "Let's see what we have here."
  • "Eye for an eye!"
  • "Come forth!"
  • "Eye summon you!"
  • "Eye win!"
  • "Eye only see victory."
  • "Eye on the prize!"
  • "Eye put the eye in team!"
  • "An eye in team!"
  • "Eye'll look what's here!"
  • "Eye'll take a look."
  • "Eye'll look ahead."
  • "Arise, my little brothers!"
  • "Moving onward."
  • "Passing on."
  • "Excellent!"
  • "Eye drop!"
  • "Out of sight!"
  • "Peek-a-boo! You lose!"
  • "You looking at me?"
  • "My eyesight is 20-20!"
  • "Eye see you!"
  • "Eye'm watching you!"
  • "Looking very good!" - when checking stats
  • "Got an eye for talent!"
  • "Hm! Dare I say, eye candy?" - when given a hat
  • "Eh, I hope I don't look weird in this!"
  • "Interesting name." - when given a nickname
  • "A new name I see."

Character Trailers

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  • The Flying Eyeball slightly resembles Occulous and the Headless Giant slightly resembles the Headless Horseman.
    • However, he isn't related to Occulous.
  • It is said that if Eye-Brawl ever cries, entire villages will get washed away.[3]
  • Eye-Brawl speaks in a slight Transylvanian accent.
  • He is the successor of Krypt King, who was originally planned to be the Undead Giant.
    • What is similar between him and Krypt King is that they both have black armor, and they both have the phrase "I've got" in the first part of their official catchphrases.
  • Eye-Brawl's Soul Gem name is the infamous quote from the movie, A Christmas Story, "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!"
  • His name is a pun on the word 'eyeball'.
  • There is a glitch in Rumbletown in a small area before the arena where if the player preforms Eye Fly, the eyeball will fall off the island to an extent.
    • If this glitch is performed, no eyes will form if the flying eyeball shoots eye lasers with the upgrade Eye-Crawlers until the eyeball returns to the body.
  • Despite the upgrade picture and description, the Bouncy Bouncy! upgrade does not make the eye explode, nor does the body dribble the eyeball.
    • Also, its name is the same as one of Tree Rex's battle cries when he bounces on a bounce pad.
  • The Flying Eyeball does the talking, as he refers to the bouncing eyeballs Eye-Brawl summons from the underworld as its 'little brothers'.
    • Flying Eyeball also frequently uses Eye puns in his lines.
  • Eye-Brawl is voiced by Travis Willingham who voiced Doom Stone, Buzz, the Hulk in The Super Hero Squad Show, Knuckles the Echidna and Storm the Albatross from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, and Thor in Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers Assemble, Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.
  • Eye-Brawl resembles the Humaniacs from Planet 51. Both have one eye from which lasers can be fired.
    • He also bears striking resemblance to to an eyeball alien from Looney Toons: Back in Action. They both have one eye and use their hands to smash stuff.
  • His body slightly resembles Cherno Alpha from Pacific Rim.
  • In Skylanders: Lost Islands, Flying Eyeball mentions that eating a lot of carrots makes him able to see far and well in the darkness in places like the Necropolis.
  • He, Shroomboom, Rocky Roll (the rock digger part), Magna Charge, and Dive-Clops are currently the only Skylanders with one eye.


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