The Feathered Fiends[1] are a villainous faction of birds seen in the Skylanders series. Varying from crows, cuckoos, vultures and others, all share a common interest in evildoing, under different masters.

While some are among the forces of Kaos or the Doom Raiders, a smaller group, known as the Sky Pirates, is known for their pillaging and search for riches, with most of their outposts at the Skyhighlands. Their former leader is Tae Kwon Crow, whose little interest in pirating and wishes to become a better person made him become a Skylander.

List of Feathered Fiends

Regular Enemies



  • Though most of the non-vulture Feathered Fiends are identical in feather textures and colors, they're said to be different species of bird.


  1. Book of Kaos, page 67

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