“Keeping It Cool!”
    —Freeze Blade's official catchphrase

Freeze Blade is a feline ice skater who is one SWAP Force Skylanders in Skylanders: Swap Force. He is of the Water element.



Freeze Blade slides into action without a thought of his own personal safety. He's always on the move, not one to stay in one place for long. He is known for making friends easily. Bullies, however, leave him cold.[2]


When he was young, Freeze Blade's family moved from the Frozen Wastelands of Vesh to the Great Lava Lakes. As it turned out, this was a very difficult adjustment for Freeze Blade. Not only was he the sole one of his kind, it was also incredibly hot and there was no ice to skate on whatsoever. But over the years, he learned to fit in with the other fire-like creatures and even discovered he had a magical ability to ice skate on any surface... even bubbling lava. One day, while out setting a new frozen lava speed record, he came across Blast Zone, who had just been ambushed by some nasty Spell Punks. After Freeze Blade stepped in to defend him, Blast Zone was so impressed by his skill in battle that he introduced him to Master Eon, who invited him to join the Skylanders.





Battle Cries

  • "Keeping It Cool!"
  • "The thrill of the chill!"
  • "Ooh, a cool place to chill out!"
  • "Licensed to chill!"
  • "Speeding through!"
  • "Icing on the cake!"
  • "Cold hard cash!"
  • "Put the freeze on you!"
  • "Ice and slice!"
  • "Another score!"
  • "Power play!" - when leveling up
  • "Cold blast!" - when leveling up
  • "A cut above the rest!" - when checking out stats
  • "Getting better with practice!" - when checking out stats
  • "SNOW-CAPPED!" - when wearing a hat
  • "I have goosebumps, SERIOUSLY!" - when wearing a hat

Media Quotes

  • "See? That's why I like Night Shift. I mean, who talks like that anymore? He's so old-school." - Skylanders Short Cuts - Night Shift
  • "But sometimes I think he's just taken one too many shots to the head-ski. Watch this."

Character Trailers

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  • Freeze Blade is one of many SWAP Force Skylanders that don't have pupils, the others include Trap Shadow, Stink BombFree Ranger, and Night Shift. It is unknown whether his goggles are transparent or not.
  • He is the third Water Skylander with ice powers while Slam Bam is the first and Chill is the second.
  • His chakram resembles Tira's Ring Blade, from the SoulCalibur and the LightBlade from Tron: Legacy.
  • In early trailers of Skylanders Swap Force, Freeze Blade's mask is blue instead of dark purple.
  • Freeze Blade appeared in several beginning trailers for Swap Force, yet he was only released at a later date.
  • Freeze Blade might be ambidextrous, since even though he holds his chakram in his right hand, in Night Shift's Short Cut, he is able to tap the bell with the hammer using his left hand.
  • Freeze Blade's battle cry, "Licenced to chill!" is similar to Drill Sergeant's catchphrase "Licensed to Drill".
  • He bears a few similarities to Sonic the Hedgehog. They are blue and can go very fast.
    • He also resembles the Ben 10 aliens XLR8 and Fasttrack for the same reasons.
  • His mask looks similar to Robin's mask from the Teen Titans cartoon.
  • He is currently the only SWAP Force Skylander to skate.
    • However, Roller Brawl also skates, but in a different way since she uses roller blades.
  • He and Chill Bill share the following qualities:
    • Both are Water-elemental.
    • Both possess ice-based attacks.
    • Both are voiced by Billy West.
  • In Trap Team, when he performs "Frostcicle", enemies they do not appear to be encased in ice, but do wind up frozen for a few seconds. The same goes for his second upper path, "Ice Sculptor."


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