Frigid Chompies are Chompies that have freezing breath to freeze Skylanders, instead of just biting them like a normal Chompy does. They first appear in Glacier Gully.

Skylanders: Battlecast

Frigid Chompies plague the Water Realm in Skylanders: Battlecast. They can use their freezing breath to weaken their enemies, and heal Chompy allies.

Shore Feels Good Frozen Teeth - Special Abiliy
Shore Feels Goodcard

Restore 40 health to each Chompy.

Frozen Teeth - Special Abiliycard

When Frigid Chompy attacks, reduce the defending enemy's power by 10 until the end of the next turn.

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  • Frigid Chompies in Giants have teal skin, however, in Battlecast, they are light blue.
  • Erroneously, Shore Feels Good is designed as an Undead spell instead of a Water spell. The reason for this mistake is unknown.
    • Due to the game no longer being worked on, this error will not be fixed.

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