Frigid Chompies are Chompies that have freezing breath to freeze Skylanders, instead of just biting them like a normal Chompy does. They first appear in Glacier Gully.

Skylanders: Battlecast

Frigid Chompies plague the Water Realm in Skylanders: Battlecast. They can use their freezing breath to weaken their enemies, and heal Chompy allies.

Shore Feels Good Frozen Teeth - Special Abiliy
Shore Feels Goodcard

Restore 40 health to each Chompy.

Frozen Teeth - Special Abiliycard

When Frigid Chompy attacks, reduce the defending enemy's power by 10 until the end of the next turn.

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  • Frigid Chompies in Giants have teal skin, however, in Battlecast, they are light blue.
  • Erroneously, Shore Feels Good is designed as an Undead spell instead of a Water character spell, and can be used by Frigid Chompies even without an Undead character in the party. The reason for this mistake is unknown, and this error was kept until the game's shutdown.

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