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Species: Various
Role: Ally
World: Skylands
Appears in: Skylanders: Giants
Skylanders: Swap Force
Skylanders: Trap Team
First Release: Skylanders: Giants

The Giants, also known as the Elder Elementals, are large beings who are the original Skylanders as well as one of the key playable characters in Skylanders: Giants. There are a total of eight Giants, one of each element.


Giants have the ability to lift, throw, and destroy trees, towers, rocks, and other things that normal Skylanders can't destroy. While normal Skylanders can only destroy rocks with the help of bombs or cannons, Giants can do so with their bare hands without the use of powerups. They can also destroy crates, Chompies, and other objects that may contain coins just by walking on them.

An important ability only used by the Giants is the Feats of Strength. Giants are required at certain moments to complete feats of strength that provide access to the next level in the game world. For instance this may involve pulling two floating islands together, or lifting blocks of wood.


As the story goes, the original Skylanders were actually Giants and it was them who first defeated the Arkeyan King many moons ago. The Giants banded together and fought for the freedom of Skylands against the Arkeyans, who ruled over Skylands thousands of years ago with an iron fist. In a final battle against the Arkeyans, the Giants were shot to Earth as a form of sacrifice, where they’ve been buried underground ever since. As the years passed, the Giants were considered as a myth.

In Skylanders: Giants, the Skylanders will need to summon the Giants back to Skylands to help them fight Kaos and his war machines.

List of Giants


Lost Islands


Scrapped Giants 2

The scrapped Giant.

  • The Giants were referred to as the Elder Elementals, the most powerful of all of the Skylanders who were first mentioned in a Story Scroll in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.
    • The Scroll also said that they possessed powers of Light and darkness within their flesh, which might refer to their light-up feature.
  • Each of the Giants have the symbol of their element somewhere on them, for example, Tree Rex has the Life element symbol on his forehead.
  • Thumpback, Swarm, Eye-Brawl, and Hot Head are the only Giants without any in game counterparts.
  • During the production of Skylanders: Giants, there was once a Giant Arkeyan Robot resembling Chop Chop made for the game but was scrapped.[1]
  • When summoning Giants, they originally jumped down from the sky and damage nearby enemies instead of appearing in their magic moment first.[2]
  • In Giants, they are unable to flinch even after enemies attack them. But in Swap Force, they now can as well as being knocked away by stronger enemies and bosses.
  • Giants can open treasure chests faster than other Skylanders. There are also specific chests that only Giants can open.
  • They are the only team of non-Core Skylanders without Dark counterparts.



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