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Species: Troll
Gender: Male
Role: Villain
World: Lair of Kaos
Kaos' Kastle
Appears in: Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure
Skylanders: The Machine of Doom
Skylanders: Giants
Skylanders: Spyro versus The Mega Monsters
Skylanders: Gill Grunt and the Curse of the Fish Master
Skylanders: Lightning Rod Faces the Cyclops Queen
Skylanders: Swap Force
Skylanders: Terrafin Battles the Boom Brothers
Skylanders: Cynder Confronts the Weather Wizard
Skylanders: Stump Smash Crosses the Bone Dragon
Skylanders: Trap Team
English Voice Actor: Chris Cox
"Okay. Pull yourself together, Glumshanks. You can do this! You're evil enough now! You wanna go back to washing Kaos' dirty socks?! This is it! This. Is. Your. Shot!"

Glumshanks is Kaos's right hand henchman, butler, and only friend. He is taller, (arguably) smarter, more sensible, and slightly (physically) stronger than Kaos, but still serves him.


Glumshanks is Kaos's sidekick and butler. He has always been loyal and faithful to Kaos, even though he is often in despair over his hair-brained plans and terrible jokes.[1]



Glumshanks flunked everything back when he was in the Troll academy, from rudimentry detonation to advanced annihilation. He couldn't work out which end of the dynamite to light.[2] He eventually ended up becoming the butler for the young prince Kaos. After Kaos abandoned his royal family, Glumshanks remained loyal to Kaos and headed out into the wilderness along with the tyrant. They eventually went across the universe in search of a portal for Kaos' research of his magic until they reached Skylands where Kaos would begin his plan to destroy the Core of Light in order to take over that world and the universe.

Skylanders: The Machine of Doom

Glumshanks aided Kaos in his plan to seek out the Machine of Doom that is rumored to be an Arkeyan weapon powerful enough to destroy the Core of Light. Although not doing much besides unlocking the tomb to the Pyramid of Just Rewards (when Kaos was unable to do so himself) and holding Flynn hostage, the troll butler commonly corrects his master's errors only to be berated by the evil Portal Master as a result. When the plan to trap the Skylanders in the pyramid failed, Glumshanks returned to Kaos' lair.

Skylanders: Mask of Power series

Glumshanks accompanied Kaos during his quest to gain the pieces to the Mask of Power, sometimes being used as a guinea pig for his plans. In Spyro versus the Mega Monsters, Glumshanks was by Kaos's side when the evil Portal Master claimed to be a hero by defeating a rise of mega-sized creatures. Soon, Kaos 'defeated' a mega-sized troll (that was actually an enlarged Glumshanks) from harming a Molekin named Diggs, much to the Skylanders' annoyance. The troll then followed Kaos to the Eternal Archives to steal a forbidden book, but they were stopped by the Skylanders.

Kaos FishMaster

Glumshanks watching his master cast a spell upon the Skylanders

In Gill Grunt and the Curse of the Fish Master

Glumshanks helped Kaos retrieve the Water Fragment that was supposedly the Fish Master's Crown in order to reassemble the Mask of Power needed to destroy the Core of Light. While Kaos was gloating at the Skylanders after sinking the pirate ship they were on, the butler quickly pointed out that he and Kaos should make their leave or they would be sunk along with the ship, and the evil Portal Master, along with Glumshanks, retreated. 

In Skylanders: Stump Smash Crosses the Bone Dragon, Glumshanks barely escaped the fate that befell Kaos, Master Eon and the other trolls when Kaos intentionally unearthed an angry Bone Dragon. The troll butler's legs were turned to stone by the Dragon, but he was rescued by Stump Smash, Countdown, Flameslinger and Wrecking Ball. Glumshanks was taken to the Eternal Archives where he was tricked by Spyro into revealing where Kaos was.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

Glumshanks' role remains unchanged as he still assists Kaos in his evil plans to rule Skylands until the tyrant finally suceeded in destroying the Core of Light. The troll doesn't make his actual in-game appearance until later in Lava Lakes Railway, when he was sent by Kaos to sabotage the train tracks leading to the Eternal Fire Source. At the sight of the Skylanders and Diggs, Glumshanks flees deeper into the Lava Lakes. The Skylanders soon rebuilt the train tracks and continue their way through the mines, with Diggs unknowingly almost running over Glumshanks with the train.

Afterwards, Glumshanks returned to Kaos' lair, singed and dsoriented from his task at the Lava Lakes. When Kaos wonders what was wrong and told him that Glumshanks looked different, the troll nearly lost his temper with the little tyrant. At that moment, the Core of Light is quickly repelling The Darkness, flooding Kaos' lair with bright light from the sun. Kaos ordered Glumshanks to take the Lair back to the Outlands to get away from the light, and the troll isn't seen again afterwards.

Skylanders: Giants

After Kaos's exile from Skylands, Glumshanks searched everywhere for his master until he found the evil Portal Master on Earth inside a toy store. Once Kaos returned to Skylands, Glumshanks accompanied him inside the Arkeyan Conquertron to search for the Iron Fist of Arkus that would allow Kaos to rule over Skylands and resurrect an army of Arkeyans under his command.

Kaos, Conquertron, and Glumshanks finally opened the Secret Vault of Secrets and found the map to the City of Arkus, but the map was accidentally destroyed due to a mishap made by Kaos. Unfortunately for Glumshanks, he was the only one to have gotten a look at it. Back at Kaos' Kastle, Glumshanks was hooked up to one of Kaos' machines which allowed his memories to be viewed by other people. Kaos used this to look back through his memories (including one which Kaos had said "Well done, Glumshanks", which Kaos denied remembering). After getting the right memory, Kaos left Glumshanks strapped to the chair, but eventually released him.

Glumshanks appeared at the end when Kaos was defeated by the Skylanders, and both the butler and Conquertron rescued Kaos when the City of Arkus was collapsing in on itself. The Arkeyan Conquertron eventually lost power, but not before taking Kaos and Glumshanks to safety, blowing up in the process. The evil Portal Master and his butler returned to the castle, though Glumshanks was singed from the explosion caused by the Conquertron. Glumshanks was then shocked to see Kaos' Mom and promptly hid behind his master.

Skylanders: Swap Force

Kaos Glumshanks

Glumshanks stands by Kaos as he hears his master's latest plan.

Glumshanks goes along with his master's latest plan to use the Evilizer to take over the Cloudbreak Islands. When Kaos felt that Glumshanks wasn't confident about his evil plans (since the Skylanders always win), he evilized his troll butler, who later stated that his "butler days are over". After the Skylanders defeated him in Rampant Ruins, Glumshanks expressed his chance to being evil and that this was his one shot to prove himself, before he gave up and was blown away by the explosion of his Arkeyan vehicle.

The troll butler returned to Kaos' Kastle, singed, just in time to see Kaos' Mom have a brief talk with Kaos, even with her noticing that Kaos still mistreats Glumshanks. When Kaos' Mom came to the castle in person, Glumshanks participated in a tea party with her while happily listening to her story on how she attacked a female inhabitant's homeland. The troll butler later assisted Kaos in the Cloudbreak Volcano by setting a large pile of Evilizer Crystals large enough to corrupt the volcano when it erupts. As Kaos was defeated by the Skylanders, both he and Glumshanks discovered their lower halves have been switched before being blasted out of the volcano to parts unknown.

Skylanders: Trap Team

Glumshanks recorded Kaos's successful plan in freeing the villains and the Doom Raiders from Cloudcracker Prison. However, he and Kaos were forced to standby while the Doom Raiders begin their own plans in taking over Skylands. When Kaos lost an 'evil-off' to the Golden Queen for control all of Skylands with the winner taking all, Glumshanks was forced to go with the Doom Raiders and serve them. He eventually returned under Kaos's command and stood by as Kaos was empowered by the energies of Traptanium.

After Kaos's defeat, Glumshanks appeared to the Skylanders at the Skylanders Academy and revealed to them the existence of the Mirror of Mystery. He invited the Skylanders to visit an alternate universe, which is the mirror universe where Kaos and the trolls are peaceful while Flynn, Eon, other known as Evilon, and the other Mabu are evil. While the Skylanders were adventuring in the mirror world, Glumshanks ended up spending time with that dimension's Kaos and for the first time in his life, was really enjoying his time and wanted to stay in that dimension forever. Unfortunately, after the Skylanders defeated Evilon, Glumshanks and the Skylanders returned to their own world, despist the troll butler not wanting to leave.



Despite Kaos' constant mistreatment towards him, Glumshanks is still loyal and faithful to the evil Portal Master. He feels that it's always an honour to serve Kaos.[3]

Kaos' Mom

Glumshanks shares a good relationship with Kaos' Mom, who doesn't abuse the troll butler and is aware of her son's mistreatment towards him. He and Kaos' Mom are in good terms with one another.




  • While most trolls have only three toes on each foot, Glumshanks has four.
    • Glumshanks is also taller than most trolls.
  • Troll Illusionists are similar to Glumshanks in appearance.


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