Greeble Heavers are Evilized Greebles in Skylanders: Swap Force with a form of weapon, similar in his shape to a vacuum cleaner. They have only one attack, shoot three shots into the air from their vacuum-like blasters to hurt the Skylanders. If the Skylanders come close to them, they retreat to remain distant and continue to attack.

Battlecast Abilities

Greeble Heavers in Skylanders: Battlecast make up the main force of Dreamcatcher's army. These enemies are notable for their incredibly aggressive battle style - they can attack any enemy they feel like, and even damage all at once with a Spread Shot. If this enemy builds up power, be careful!

Greeble Heavers have 230 HP and 50 power at base level.

Spread Shot Blunder Bust - Special Ability
Spread Shotcard

Common (Unobtainable)
Greeble Heaver attacks every enemy.

Blunder Bust - Special Abilitycard

Common (Unobtainable)
Greeble Heaver attacks an enemy.


  • Their introduction cutscene in Motleyville may suggest that Greeble Heavers have strong hearing, which helps them locate Skylanders that are far away to attack them from a long distance.
  • Like Greeble Screwballs, Greeble Heavers shoot from the air to the ground. However, they shoot three times instead of once.

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