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The Greebles are one of the main enemies introduced in Skylanders: Swap Force. No one knows where the Greebles came from, but some say they were hatched from eggs. Power hungry wizards and sorcerers can order them by the dozen in the "Minions Monthly" catalog for a relatively afforadable fee, that sometimes go with a free hat.

After being evilized by Kaos upon being brought into his army, their purple Evilized counterparts take over the roles of their normal counterparts. Large mutant Greebles are called Bubba Greebs.

In Skylanders: SuperChargers, Buzz bought a Greeble Dispenser from the Minions Monthly catolog for the Skylanders to use Greebles as living training dummies at the Skylanders Academy. In the Land Vehicle training area, Greebles drive the Clunker vehicles.

Notable Greebles

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  • A few Greebles, such as Lt. Woalf and the Big Bad Woalf, are capable of speech.
    • Big Bad Woalf is an obvious reference to The Three Little Pigs's main antagonist, the Big Bad Wolf.
    • In the Swap Force Gameplay Demo, Greebles were originally going to talk in Swap Force.
  • Though the only purple greebles faced in the main games are evilized, there appear to be regular purple greebles as the ones that Fist Bump faces in his backstory and the ones fought in the Magic Realm in Skylanders: Battlecast, which lack horns.

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