Griznik is a Yeti that lives in Slushville on the Frostfest Mountains. He thanks the Skylanders for driving away the blizzard. Now that the blizzard is gone, Griznik and the other inhabitants of Slushville can go back to playing their volcano games. Griznik tells the Skylanders that the Frosthound is at the top of the mountain.

Non Playable Characters
Swap Force

Tessa - Whiskers - Rufus - Tuk - Gorm - Chieftess - Snagglescale - Willowbark - Wheellock
Sharpfin - Avril - Fizzy - Duff - Softpaw - Flashfin - Terrasquid - Frosthound - Tree Spirit
Hugo - Cali - Prospector - Water Dragon - Margaret - The Ferryman

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