“Two attacks in one ugly machine.”
    —Game description

Gun Snouts are walking vehicles first seen in Troll Warehouse. They are piloted by Troll Greasemonkeys. Gun Snouts fire 12 powerful rounds, then pause and fire again. When Skylanders finally defeat the machine, it will fall, and the driver will hop out to attack.

In Skylanders: Giants, the Gun Snouts have a very similar counterpart called Troll Stomper M5s. Instead of Troll Greasemonkeys, a Mace Major  will hop out to attack.

In Skylanders: Trap Team, there are several mechs in the Operation: Troll Rocket Steal level which resemble the Gun Snouts. In the Mirror of Mystery, similar mechs (under the name of Troll Mech) are piloted by the good trolls and one of them is controlled by the Skylander.

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