Hologram Kaos is - as the name implies - a hologram of Kaos that appears in Skylanders: Battlecast. It takes on the form and powers of normal Kaos, but without the ability to use character cards. One Hologram Kaos is used for training in the Skylander Academy, while three of them are used in the final confrontation with the real Kaos.

Battlecast Abilities

Hologram Kaos, like the real Kaos, has access to every element despite being classified as non-elemental. This means that he can use any card or spell he likes. Unlike the real Kaos, he lacks any character cards and only has his special ability, On The Fritz.

In the final challenge, Kaos is hiding behind one of the holograms. When he is uncovered, all other holograms are instantly defeated.

On The Fritz - Special Ability
On The Fritz - Special Abilitycard

Common (Unobtainable)
Randomly deal 40 damage to the enemy team.

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