Jess LeGrand is a character who appears when you activate the Pirate Seas Adventure Pack in the console versions of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Her father is Mayor LeGrand.


Jess LeGrand brought the Skylanders to Pirate Seas and told them of the town being captured by Captain Dreadbeard and his pirates, forcing them to play cards, in which the pirates always cheat.

After defeating Captain Dreadbeard in his card deck, he revealed that he had captured Jess LeGrand along with town's treasure, and the villain fled back to his island with Jess in tow. The Skylanders chased after Dreadbeard and brought down his island's defenses, before confronting the Captain himself and winning back Jess LeGrand by winning his card game, leaving the girl extremely grateful for the Skylanders' help.



  • Jess LeGrand has the same character model as Cali, with the exception of her drooped ears, clothing, claws, and darker color.
  • She and Woof are the only non-playable characters in Giants that the player can still attack (though you cannot kill them). All of the other non-playable characters cannot be attacked anymore.
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