“A finely tuned, storm-chasing machine!”
    —Vehicle Collection

Jet Stream is the signature vehicle for the Air SuperCharger, Hurricane Jet-Vac. The Jet Stream is a finely tuned storm-chasing machine. Its twin turbines give it supreme maneuverability, while its Sky Baron battle armor and enhanced weaponry guarantee it will always be the last bird standing!


Performance Mods

  • Wind Slashers
  • Blade Wings
  • Air-Flex Flyers
  • Brassfeather Wings

Specialty Mods

  • Wind Frenzies
  • Vortex Core Turbine
  • Vintage Forge Crank
  • Brasslock Engine

Horn Options

  • Turbine Trumpet
  • Avian Sirens
  • Air Horn
  • Mallard Quacker

Character Trailers

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  • There is a glitch with the Jet Stream on the Wii U version of SuperChargers. For some reason, the Avian Razors remain unchanged while SuperCharged with Jet-Vac.
  • Despite the SuperCharged artwork depiction, the SuperCharged Jet Stream doesn't receive gold feathers on the front eye-shaped turbines in the game.
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Clown Cruiser - Jet Stream - Sky Slicer
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Dark Clown Cruiser - Instant Sky Slicer

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