Kaos' Fortress is a stronghold positioned in the other side of the Cloudbreak Islands where Kaos and his mother have their base of operations. Strange experiments are made here, with creatures such as Chompy Pastepetals serving as a result of a mutation conjured from Kaos' maniacal ointments.


  • Destroy the Sheepshooters

Elemental Gates

Areas To Find

  • Liquid Goo Lab
  • Contraption Lab
  • Secret Storage
  • Sheep Inspection
  • Experimental Storage

Sheep Tower

  • Glob Lobber Gangway
  • Belly Flop Peak
    • Element: Air
  • Chompie Churners
    • Element: Air
  • Secret Testing Grounds
    • Element: Air
      • Dumping Grounds
        • Element: Earth
  • Sludge Security
  • Flooded Containments
    • Element: Tech
      • Mystical Fountains
  • The Gauntlet
    • Element: Tech
  • Goo Pit of Doom
    • Element: Tech
  • Sheeplight Checkpoint
    • Element: Tech
  • Super Duper Guardpost
    • Element: Tech
      • Goo Pond
        • Element: Magic/Earth

SWAP Zones

  • Greenlight Raceway
    • SWAP ability: Speed
  • Kaotic Spring
    • SWAP ability: Bounce
  • Tower of Falling Goo
    • SWAP ability: Climb

New Enemies

Legendary Treasure

  • Masterful Disguise
  • Skylander Scope

Bonus Mission Map

  • Cursed Statues
  • Undercover Greebles

Soul Gems


  • Asteroid Hat

Story Scroll

  • Kaos' Laboratory
Swap Force
Cloudbreak Islands (World) - Woodburrow (Hub) - Skylands (3DS World) - Boom Town (3DS Hub)

Main Chapters
Mount Cloudbreak - Cascade Glade - Mudwater Hollow - Rampant Ruins - Jungle Rumble - Iron Jaw Gulch
Motleyville - Twisty Tunnels - Serpent's Peak - Boney Islands - Winter Keep - Frostfest Mountains
Mesmeralda's Show - Fantasm Forest - Kaos' Fortress - Motherly Mayhem - Cloudbreak Core
3DS Chapters
Sky Docks - Spooky Woods - Toadstool Terrace - Fountain Springs - The Fuel Machine
Shimmer Shard Shire - Crystal Caverns - Twilight Fortress - Above the Sea - Robot Factory
Robot Assembly Center - Samurai Springs - Bonsai Bay - Fire Flow Valley - The Party Town
Down the River - The Haunted Villa - Clockwork Castle - Clockwork Arena

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