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Keys are items used to progress though levels in the series which float alongside the player, much like Bombs and Mining Picks. When encountering a locked gate, the Skylander must find a key to open it. The key is often nearby but can be hidden or part of a puzzle. While their appearance chances slightly throught the games, it's usually golden with three half-circles in its handle.

In-Game Items

Console Items
Boingo Nuts - Bombs - Coins - Dragon Wings - Food - Hats - Imaginite Chests - Keys
Legendary Treasures - Luck-O-Tron Wheels - Mining Picks - Minor Treasure - Oil Can - Rockets
Soul Gems - Treasure Chests - Victory Points - Winged Sapphires - Wish Stones
3DS Items
Clocks - Food - Hats - Radiance Crystals - Radiance Chests - Radiance Vials
Skylanders: Universe

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