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LightCore Skylanders are playable characters introduced in Skylanders: Giants. The Skylanders are protectors of the Core of Light, and in times of peril, they can call upon its power to ignite their own light from within and radiate with magic, becoming known as LightCore Skylanders.

These characters light up without batteries when placed near the Portal of Power. They have the ability to defeat all surrounding enemies when placed in the game. LightCore Skylanders also have different poses from their regular model. Despite some LightCores being Series 2 (Hex, Drobot, EruptorPrism Break, Warnado, Flashwing, and Wham-Shell), they do not have Wow Pow powers nor can they switch upgrade paths without resetting. There is a Target-exclusive 3-pack of LightCore Skylanders consisting of Drobot, Prism Break, and Eruptor.

List of LightCore Skylanders



  • LightCores of Spyro's Adventure Skylanders do work in Spyro's Adventure but don't light up ingame.
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