Lockmaster Imps are green troublemakers who guard their Lock Puzzles in the Skylanders series. To open these locks, you turn and tumble them in order to make the Lockmaster Imps fall on the different tumblers and open the lock. The lock will break, causing the Imps to come flying out and the gate will open. In the Darklight Crypt there is a red ghost Imp, along with the regular green Imp.

In Skylanders: Trap Team, the Lockmaster Imps are now equipped with jet-packs with the locks remaining stationary. In SuperChargers, they pilot their own small vehicles in Live Wire Locks.

In Skylanders: Imaginators, new Imps with a game-inspired design appeared, known as Lockmaster Senseis. However, other than the name, they play the same as the Trap Team imps.


  • In Wolfgang's Villain Quest, they are "enemies".
  • They are similar to Om Nom, the principal character of the "Cut the Rope" app.

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