The Lost Imaginite Mines is a Level Pack for Skylanders: Imaginators that contains over 100 new parts for Imaginators. The pack includes the Tech Sensei Ro-Bow, a Magic Creation Crystal, and a blue Imaginite Mystery Chest that unlocks 80 new parts.

The Lost Imaginite Mines once were the storage of Pure Imaginite for the Ancients' creations before being sealed off. However, its discovery in recent days has caused Blobbers to fear that stray bad ideas could harness the crystals into creating terrible things, and he requests the Skylander's help to explore it.

Areas to Find

  • Wandering Ramparts
  • Polarity Plaza
  • Claims Office
  • Magnetic Hideaway
  • Lost Mine Access
    • Element: Sensei
  • Crystal Approach
  • Magnetic Pylon Field
  • Crystal Storage
  • Escape Path Alpha
  • Escape Path Beta
    • Element: Light
  • The Final Extrication
    • Element: Light



  • The eponymous mine area of the level reuses assets from the Cradle of Creation, possibly as both were built by the Ancients and left untouched until the series' events.
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