The Mabu are a species of mammal-like creatures in Skylands. They largely populate the world and have many villages around the islands. Most of them have peaceful lives and are not used to the destruction Kaos is creating. However in many levels with where the Skylanders require support, the Mabu Defense Force is called to help them against Trolls and obstacles.

It is possible for the Mabu to have races as they are all different anatomy-wise. For example, Cali and Flynn are much taller than most and the former has stripes, and Hugo has long brown fur.

A notable group of Mabu are the Mystic Seekers, who live in the Radiant Isles and only appear in the 3DS version of Spyro's Adventure.

In the Mirror of Mystery, Mabu are the mirror world equivalent of the evil Troll army.

Notable Mabu

Enemy Mabu

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  • In Spyro's Adventure, the regular Mabu didn't move their mouths when they talk, though they did so in subsequent games.
  • Most of the Mabu in the series seem to resemble sloths, though as the series went on, many Mabu with thick fur appeared, resembling bears.
  • Oddly, though only Cyclopses are mentioned to eat Mabu in the game canon, they are the prime target of many villains in the Skylanders Academy TV show.